Automatic ultrasonic slitting machine

Automatic ultrasonic slitting machine sets ultrasonic cutting and ultrasonic crosscutting in one. There is no burrs and black surface after cutting. The machine supports diverse cutting styles, such as straight edge, picot edge and wavy edge. Controlled by PLC computer system, its cutting size is adjustable.

Strong mechanical structure and stable high-speed operation effectively improve the machine’s durability and service life.
Slitting speed is controlled by inverter motor and is adjustable. Screw-driven cutting width is also adjustable.
Slitting fabric is smooth and tidy. The tension of winding fabric is controlled by torque motor control and it is elastically adjustable.
Uniform feeding ensures the smooth and neat cutting edge of the materials. There is no burr, no charring and no color change on the edge surface.
The diverse equipment models can be customized according to customers’ requirements.
The ultrasonic slitting machine supports various slitting styles (such as straight edge, jagged edge, wavy lace, suture cutting, etc.).

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