The company’s introduction of European and American advanced technology allows us to achieve the production of eight series of equipment in more than 40 varieties.

Our new multi-functional fabric thermoforming device equipped with a computer control system, the computer-controlled pleating machine supports pleating types of straight line, wavy pattern, bamboo leaf pattern and several combinations of patterns. The equipment features diverse styles and user-friendly operation.

Furnished with aluminum alloy and stainless-steel rack, our non-woven face mask making machine produces 200 units of face masks per minute at lighting fast speed. The machine is applicable for producing non-woven masks of two, three or four layers. It features stable quality and simple operation.

With a fully automatic production and processing line, the Futan face mask ear loop welding machine fuses the elastic band on both sides of the mask through an ultrasonic system to finish the production of ear loop mask. Controlled by PLC program, our face mask ear loop welding machine possesses high stability and low failure rate.

With an aluminum alloy and stainless-steel rack, the non-woven cap making machine is beautiful and does no rust. It supports automatic counting. The machine is suitable for manufacturing non-woven strip caps of different specifications from 17 to 21 inches. The machine is cost-saving and highly automated.

The Futan new-generation needleless automatic ultrasonic quilting machine utilizes ultrasonic wave for needleless bonding. The pattern is clear and beautiful. It also supports ultrasonic cutting and crosscutting. The cutting length is controlled by PLC system. It supports any cutting size to complete single cutting efficiently.

The ultrasonic power of the ultrasonic sewing machine is adjustable for cutting, stitching, embossing fabric of different materials and thicknesses. The diverse patterns of the machine can be customized according to customer’s exact need.

Automatic ultrasonic slitting machine sets ultrasonic cutting and ultrasonic crosscutting in one. There is no burrs and black surface after cutting. The machine supports diverse cutting styles, such as straight edge, picot edge and wavy edge. Controlled by PLC computer system, its cutting size is adjustable.

Product Videos
  • Computer-controlled pleating machine
  • Non-woven face mask making machine
  • Face mask ear loop welding machine
  • Non-woven cap making machine
  • Automatic ultrasonic quilting machine
  • Ultrasonic sewing machine
  • Automatic ultrasonic slitting machine